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Olympia Communication Protocol

Below you will find our communication protocol which is designed to promote direct, open, and respectful communication so that issues can be resolved quickly and effectively between the parties involved. We strongly encourage students and parents to follow this protocol. In turn, our staff members pledge to be sensitive to your concerns, to maintain confidentiality, and to return calls/emails within 24 hours.

At Judson ISD we are committed to producing excellence.

#1 Speak Directly to the Teacher

All students are encouraged to express their concerns directly to the teachers. If you as a parent are concerned about an issue involving your child's education, classroom experience, or grade, go right to the source and contact the teacher. Staff emails are found on the Olympia website at
Teachers will make every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 24 hours. Please be patient. If you do not receive a return email or call within 24 hours, try again. After that, proceed to the next step.


#2 If you have not heard back from the teacher in a reasonable amount of time or if the concern has not been resolved after the teacher conference, contact:


If your concerns stem from a classroom practice, grade, or particular book or assignment, contact the department head Nicole Cano, 210-945-5113


If you wish to discuss specific academic or social-emotional concerns, contact the counseling department.
Aimee Hadas 210-945-5113


#3 If the addressed issue is still a concern, you may contact an assistant principal. 


If your concerns are outside the parameters listed for the Academic Coach/Trainer or are related to a behavioral concern, contact your student's Assistant Principal Jessica Talley, 210-945-5113


#4 If your concern has not been resolved through the Assistant Principal’s office, contact the Principal, Shannon George, 210-945-5113


#5 If your concern has not been resolved at the campus level, contact the District Administrative Office at 210-945-5102